25 ott 2019

Italian Berry Market Report: week 43/2019


The prices of Peruvian blueberries are stable on the Italian market at €8/Kg delivered for baskets and €7/Kg for bulk for varieties Ventura, Emerald and Biloxi.

Supply and demand are generally well balanced: blueberries are procured in controlled volumes and are sold regularly every day without excessive storage.

Peruvian blueberries are well received thanks to their excellent quality. Limited volumes of late season CA stored blueberries from Italy are still in the system.

Some supermarkets are preparing the promotions which will run in 2 weeks' time, when the Peruvian product is expected to peak. The promotions are likely to focus on the larger formats (250g and bigger).

Supermarkets are already planning supplies for the Peru-Chile transition period (weeks 47-50).

The raspberry market is well supplied from Morocco and Portugal, while the first volumes from Southern Italy (mainly Adelita) are starting this week. Some supermarkets are planning a promotion with 250g for the next fortnight.

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