New Arrigoni plant in Namibia

Arrigoni, an Italian company specialising in agro-textiles and nets for agriculture, has recently completed an installation on blueberries in Namibia, a country in sub-Saharan Africa where blueberries production is growing rapidly.

Paolo Arrigoni, CEO of Arrigoni s.p.a told Italian Berry: "The site where blueberries is being grown is in the north of Namibia on the border with Angola. The project has seen 20 hectares covered with ROBUXTA screens, but the area being installed is much larger and will be completed in the next 5 years. This is a national agricultural redevelopment project in the area. Since the first tests, we have seen great satisfaction from the agronomists on site: under the cover, temperatures have been several degrees lower than the surrounding temperature, up to 10 degrees lower. In general, the conditions are very positive for the conversion of the area into an agricultural centre, thanks also to Arrigoni'sexpertise.

Namibia has also recently been the focus of interest for Fall Creek, which last summer announced an investment plan to introduce its blueberries varieties to sub-Saharan Africa.


"The blueberries zero-cold varieties would lend themselves to the climate of the Western Cape and Namibia, which have similar environments to Spain and Baja California," said Burgert van Dyk, who was appointed regional manager of Fall Creek in May 2019.



Photo: Arrigoni S.p.A.

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